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Club Members

The club currently has over 50 registered members, and as with all clubs, some are active, and some are seen less often. The nature of the Abbot is that our members are spread over a wide area, so you're welcome whereever you come from.

Club Posts

Note to members: If you don't like the description of your post, send me a replacement description and it will appear here instead.


Chairman Brian The post of chairman is filled with a new victim at the AGM in October. It is becoming a tradition of the club that the chairman is chosen from those who cannot make the AGM, and are therefore voted for in their absence. This year we broke from that tradition when, of the four persons proposed, three were at the meeting. One of those three, Brian Bignell, was duly elected. The chairman's responsibilities are onerous: Supplying a picture for the website.
  1. Attending the AGM at the end of their tenure and making a short speech. (Please note the word "short", if other members start to snore it is a strong hint it is time to shut up and sit down).
  2. Um, that's it. Not really such a hard job!
  3. This year there was some concern, expressed at the meeting, that Brian has not been with the club long enough to fully appreciate the importance of the chairman sticking to doing no more that that given in 1 and 2 above. For the 2011 - 12 club year we have new blood in charge - OK, maybe not really in charge as the chairperson does not get to boss anyone around, that is the job of the social sec. New blood is not really accurate either as he is probably the oldest member of the club too.


Social Secretary

Social Secretary Sandy Sandy has been our SocialSec for a number of years now and now has the knack of organising very enjoyable trips and events.

One of the most important social events in the Abbot calendar is the AGM, in which the aim is to get as many Abbot members as possible in the same building as a plentful supply of alcohol and good food and allow them to get on with it. Somewhere during the evening the formal business of press-ganging a new chairman takes place (and other posts in the unlikely event of the incumbant being challenged). The other main event is the Easter trip, which, as we are all not getting any younger, is now a camping barn or youth (?) hostel instead of tents.

Want to know more? Follow her at BikerSpice Blog



Enrolment Secretary

Enrolment Secretary Tubbs

This is almost a permanent post as Tubbs has been doing it for as long as anyone can remember. Apparently he has been enrolment secretary since before his Triumph was on the road, and we are talking a long time here!

The enrolment secretary also doubles as club record keeper, club historian, and club archivist. If you want to know some trivia, such as the year that Willy got barred from the Modern Bar, who else was there, and the bikes they were riding, just ask Tubbs.

There is also the task of gathering annual subs, although it seems that everyone always owes subs to Tubbs (hey, notice the little rhyme there), so I'm sure everyone pays too many times. Got a new bike there Tubbs, how did you afford..., oh, never mind.



Treasurer Maura The current holder of the club purse is Maura.

A highlight of the club year is the annual opening of the club chequebook at the AGM, where members might get the chance to glance at the vast fortunes held within, or they would if it was not all spent.





Webmaster Mark Now we are in the 21st century a motorcycle club needs a presence on the internet as well as out there on the highway, and that is the job of the Webmaster.

The Webmaster is not only in charge of this website, but also all electronic communication within the club making sure that members are provided with a club email addresses if they want one and ensuring that the club mailing list system is working. With members distributed across the country (and further afield), email is the only cost-effective way of regularly keeping in touch and arranging meet ups.

Of course, it helps to know a little bit about computers, especially how to beat them into submission when they won't do what you want them to do. Working in the hi-tech industry is an advantage.

Patience is If I have to explain one more time about <insert subject here> I shall take that keyboard and stuff it... a virtue!


Other members

German Rep.


Glob, residing in Austria (well they speak German don't they. OK, well a dialect of German anyway).

Motorsports Rep.

Hog Coming to track near you soon. Can also claim fame to racing the IOM circuit and the original creator of the Abbot Website.

Harley Rep.

Jon From the department of not-quite-as-quiet-as-the-original-pipes dept., Jon looks after the task of watching your reflection in shop windows as you drive past.

SteamPunk specialist

Veg It doesn't matter whether it is a large steam engine that runs on rails, or a noisy Ducati that seems to run on rails on on the few occasions it sees the light, Veg is your man.

Club Minors (Miners?)

Wiles Girls

Bringing down the average age of the club in leaps and bounds.



Just owning a BMW GS gets you life membership of the Abbot Jessies. Here are all current members at their annual gathering.

Previous Chairpersons

2006Nigel Bugden (Bug)
2005Justin Brunskell (Jut)
2004David Gloistein
2003Steve Williams
2002Maria Metson
2001Steve Metson
2000David Wright (Tubbs)

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